Feature Friday: Tanya Conrad

Today on Feature Friday we're chatting with Truro store manager Tanya Conrad! 

Tell me a bit about yourself!

My name is Tanya Conrad, I have worked with My HOME Mercantile for going on 2 years now as the manager in Truro. I have basically lived in Truro my entire life, but unlike other long term Truro residents I didn't have the need to leave after my schooling, my friends and family have always all been right here, I really love this town, and it has always been my HOME. I studied my BA, major in English minor in History, at St. FX in Antigonish for four years before returning to Truro to begin my journey of various jobs that very happily ended with me here at My HOME Mercantile. 
I am mom to 3 very cool kids, that absolutely drive me insane lol and like many people who have reached my ripe old age I enjoy the relatively simple things like spending time with my family and friends, reading, swimming and cooking. I am kinda silly, a bit loud and I have also been told once or twice that I maybe swear a little too much, so I really enjoy the funny swear word merchandise we carry.

What's your favourite meal to make and why? 

On days I am off I like to cook something a little more elaborate, then the quicker 20 min meals I throw together on a work day. One of my go to's is probably tacos, as I know everyone that sits at the table will eat it (which is no small task with a family of 5). I learned how to make flour tortillas in Home Ec class in junior high, and I always make my own  taco shells, it makes the tacos exponentially better. This weekend I made a new recipe that I absolutely fell in love with a one pan garlic herb and butter shrimp, sausage & veggies, it was a hit all around, and will definitely be added to the rotation.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you want to meet? 

Oh my...I want to say something profound and intellectual, and pro-feminism. But honestly I more look up to those amazing people in my everyday life (like our girl boss Miriah) but I wouldn't pass up a hug and photo op with say Jason Momoa! 

What always brings a smile to your face? 

This is gonna sound corny and exactly like what any mother would say, but honestly my kids, man those little assholes can be funny, especially during times that shouldn't be laughed at. I am pretty sure they got their sense of humor from me!

Where did you attend your first live concert? 

If I remember correctly the first concert I ever attended was Bon Jovi at the Metro Centre (now the ScotiaBank Centre) in Halifax NS. I was fairly young so I don't remember it in great detail, but I am still a Bon Jovi fan to this day, so it must have been rocking 🤘

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