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Sarah's witty, high quality soaps are one of our best selling products! We have sold them since the first day we opened, and truly love the reaction when people read her packaging and then smell the divine soaps! From pop-culture to local themes, Sarah is always coming up with new creations and new scents. Her locally themed ones are the ones we feature in our shops, but you NEED to explore her website or visit her at a craft show to get the true Badmouth experience.

We recently asked Sarah about her business and this is what she had to say:

What inspired you to start your business? 

I created BAD MOUTH SOAP 5 years ago. I’ve always had the ‘do it yourself’ attitude and making soap was always one of those things. I’ve always been the creative kind and knew if I were to put a unique spin on my soap names... it could be successful. Since I watch a lot of TV/Movies, I used that as the inspiration to the names of my soaps. 
What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur?
I work full time; I’m an application developer Monday to Friday and on weekends is the only time I have to focus on soap. So I can’t do regular markets. The challenges are really managing my time at this point. 
What advice would you give to others looking to become makers and creators?
Being a Maker has taught me is how to finish things and to create a great schedule for my time. I divide my tasks into chunks and do chunks per day. 
 I also learned to recognize when you’re working TOO HARD... we all need a break before we have breakdown.
You can find Sarah's products in our 3 shops, on her website, or at markets around Halifax. Check out Badmouth Soap Company here.
Thanks for being an awesome Maker, Sarah. We love your soaps, and love seeing people smile when they read your packaging!

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