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Today on our Meet The Maker series, we want to introduce Sarah & Dave, the makers behind Big Cove Foods. Sarah and Dave met over 11 years ago in Ontario. Dave always enjoyed cooking and discovering new restaurants, so sure enough Sarah followed suite after they met and thrived on discovering new foods, techniques and developing her skills through trial and error.

When they moved to the country, their relationship turned into a partnership and  now they have a business where they can take what they've learned and turn it into something that they hope will inspire others. 

Big Cove Foods Sarah & Dave

What inspired you to start your own business? / What is your biggest inspiration?

It was never in our plans to run our own business together. We moved from the city to country living and naturally became inspired by our surroundings. Growing vegetables and tapping maple trees organically turned into an interest of creating new and interesting products we could cook with. We first thought we'd try selling our vegetables at the local farmers market but when we didn’t have enough produce to fill our table, we started packaging products that we’ve been testing in our own kitchen. When our customers would return the next week and delight us in the delicious meals they created, it only encouraged us more to continue on this path. The support of our customers continues to inspire us everyday.

 Rootbeer Jelly from Big Cove Foods

What are some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

There are quite a few. On a single day you can have moments that range from the highest of highs and then drop to the lowest of lows, and repeat. The biggest challenge is knowing how to push through on the most difficult of times and finding that voice that tells you it's worth it.

 Big Cove Foods

What advice would you give to others looking to become makers or creators?

It can be an intimidating journey, but let that adrenaline be the very thing that drives you. You’ll surprise yourself with what you’re able to accomplish. 

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