Meet the Maker - Merena Johnson from Halo Headwear

I first met Merena at the Alberta gift show in February 2018. Being in cold Edmonton in the dead of winter, is not always fun, but being across from Merena and meeting her was like a ray of sunshine. We instantly clicked, and have stayed in touch every since. We have done 3 shows together since, and it's always so nice to reconnect and share business highs and lows.

One of the things I love about Merena, is her passion to give back and make an impact. Her business, Halo Headwear, is all about helping women less fortunate, while also offering flexible employment to moms in her community. We recently asked Merena a few questions about her business, and this is what she had to share:

What inspired you to start Halo Headwear?

I was looking for a great product that was versatile, fashionable, and functional and that could keep up with a busy lifestyle. I also wanted to support women with flexible employment and give back to women and children in poverty through Compassion Canada's Survival Programs.  We created a product that was pretty, practical, and purposeful!
What are some challenges you face as a Maker?
There are definitely some long hours and work life balance challenges but it is very exciting and rewarding!
What advice would you give other makers looking to start out?
Pursue what you are passionate about, set goals, start small and be open to feedback. Let your customers lead you!
What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Meeting and building relationships with our customers, fellow makers, women sewing with us, and the women and children that we are able to support through Compassion!
Merena was recently featured on Compassion Canada, and you will see through emotion, her true kind spirit. 
Watch her video here.
Thanks for being such an inspiring maker, Merena! We LOVE having your products in our shops. Check out Halo Headwear everyone, and you will see why everyone loves their products!
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