Meet the Maker - Sarah Duggan

This week's guest on our Meet the Maker series is Sarah Duggan. Sarah is the owner and creator behind Sarah Duggan Creative Works. Having grown up in Nova Scotia, she is no stranger to the beautiful sights in the East Coast. Her art perfectly portrays what many people have come to call home. 

We got a chance to ask Sarah a few questions so that you can get to know her better and understand what inspires her and how her products came to be. 

Sarah Duggan Meet the Maker Blog Series
What inspired you to start your own business? 
My business came about a little unexpectedly actually. I had always valued my art as a hobby and had never really considered following an art career. I worked as an ESL and GED teacher overseas and in South Florida for five or six years after getting my B.Ed, but when my husband and I moved back to Nova Scotia right before our first was born I didn't have work here. During my maternity leave with Oliver I painted as much as I could and started to sell in some local shops and it kind of took off from there. By the time Ollie was a year old I was so excited about growing my business that we decided to make it official and I became a full time work from home parent. I feel so fortunate that it unfolded so naturally. The things that I love to paint and feel inspired by (flowers, birds, animals, homey things) seem to resonate with a lot of people so I have been very lucky that way. Being able to meet so many people through craft markets like Halifax Crafters and Dartmouth Makers has been a huge inspirtaion for me and motivates me to keep growing as an artist.

What are some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur? 
I think the biggest challenge for me is keeping a balance between work and home, while working from home. I never truly leave my work so it's hard to create boundaries around that because there is always something more to do. I think we are most critical and demanding of ourselves, so when you are wearing all the different hats that a business requires it can certainly be overwhelming. Fortunately I have made great friends in the maker community and have a lot of support from my husband and parents and I'm so grateful for that. 

What advice would you give others looking to become makers or creators?
The biggest piece of advice I can give is to do what feels true. I think in the social media age it's very easy to be influenced and swayed by how others are doing things. There's a lot of pressure,  especially in the beginning when you don't feel most confident. But I really am a believer in energy and the power of authenticity. So I think if you truly put out there what you feel the desire to make, not what you think you should, then people gravitate towards that honesty and can feel that quality in your work. That's kind of the magic of creating I think. So find your people that will support what you truly love to do and feed off of that until you feel ready to take the leap. And in my experience, thinking about the leap is much worse than the leap itself. Life is too short not to try!

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