Tea, Tarot & Tune In (Truro) - Jan. 26th


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**Please note - this is to reserve a ticket to an in-person event at our Truro location.**


Join us for a cozy mindful evening to slow down and tune in as the first month of 2023 comes to an end!




tea bar of loose leaf teas 

a lead-in mini meditation to set the mood

assorted tarot and oracle decks to pull from (Meg and Kat will be on hand to help with the how-to if you are new to this space!)

a welcoming setting, chill playlist, lots of open desk and floor space, and paper/writing tools for planning, manifesting, or journalling


(if you want - or just show up as you are!)

a yoga mat, pillow, bolster, blanket, slippers, etc. to get comfy

your journal/diary/planner/resolutions to write, update, or create

your favourite markers, pens, stickers, etc to journal with


your $5 ticket to secure your space will be donated directly to The Lotus Center

participants will receive an exclusive discount on our own Self Care section of journals, card decks, and mindfulness tools!

We will be upstairs in our event space - please note this space is only accessible via stairs. Light refreshments will be available, masks optional.