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100% Natural Soak


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The Luxury Bath & Foot Soak Story

After a busy, long day it is so wonderful to enjoy a luxurious, soothing, lavender essential oil-scented soak. Whether you choose a full body tub or simply pop your feet into a basin, this product will add a special soothing to warm water, helping you settle down before sleep time . . . happy sigh The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' 

Size & Yield

  • 350 gram + bonus
  • Approximately 7 tubs 

Bonus Info

We choose the bonus products for this pack according to what we have in stock. Bonuses are either a sample-sized skin care product or bar & we are careful to choose scents that relate to what you have selected. The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!'  

How to Use this Bath & Foot Soak

  • Pour the soak under warm running water in your tub OR
  • Mix the soak into warm water in your foot soak
  • Slide your body or feet into the water & enjoy The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!'

Features & Benefits

  • Natural product great for folks with scent &/or chemical sensitivities
  • Essential oil, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan
  • No latex allergy reactive ingredients
  • Unisex, for all ages & skin types
  • Not tested on animals
  • Bath & foot soak
  • Septic-safe


  • Plain language: Sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, lavender essential oil
  • INCI terminology: Sea salt, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, lavandula officinalis

      General Safety & Product Notes

      • For external use only
      • Keep away from eyes
      • Do not eat this product
      • Store in securely covered container


        • 350 gram pack + bonus:
          • Compostable box printed with vegetable ink
          • Lined with recyclable zip lock poly bag
          • Includes bonus related to the product (e.g., bar, skin care product, etc.)

            Grandbaby-tested The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' Nana-approved! 

            • We promise all of our products are tested on ourselves, family members (including grand babies!) & friends.
            • We promise to never test any product on animals, even ones designed for pets. We test them on ourselves, family members & friends, too!
            • We promise to make sure you are 100% satisfied . . . if there is any problem with your order or this product let us know & we will make it right.