Assorted Cocktail Bombs


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Drop of these natural cocktail bombs in your glass with ice and alcohol of your choice and voila, a fun cocktail is ready to enjoy!
These are made in Canada with high quality ingredients and make excellent gifts! Note: this product does not contain alcohol.

Pina Colada:  is a classic beach cocktail. This cocktail bomb features a tropical blend of pineapple and coconut. It is sweet, creamy and tangy.

This cocktail bomb is best served with rum.

Blue Raspberry: is a limited edition cocktail bomb. This cocktail is sweet, tangy, refreshing, and delicious. It truly is the perfect summertime drink!

This cocktail bomb is best paired with vodka or rum.

Perfect for making Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaii, Blue Raspberry Vodka Lemonade, Ice Age Cocktail, and more!

Margarita: is a classic and refreshing cocktail. A delicious tangy lime flavour, this cocktail bomb offers a sweet and citrus sour experience.

This cocktail bomb is best served with tequila.

"It's like a bath bomb for your drink!!"