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Assorted Magnets by Indigenous Artists


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These Assorted Magnets capture profound and beautiful artwork of Indigenous artists, and make any kitchen or workspace a gallery of unique art. Create a more meaningful atmosphere in your home with these magnets that support Indigenous artists.

Piece name - Artist:

  • Sky Dance King of the North - Amy Keller-Rempp
  • Honour the Children - Jackie Traverse
  • Prayers for Turtle Island - Jackie Traverse
  • Spirit of the Mooz - Patrick Hunter
  • Transformation - Betty Albert
  • Love - The Great Tree Of Life - Kristy Cameron
  • Turtle Island - Patrick Hunter
  • The Journey Back - Carla Joseph
  • Revelation - Tracey Metallic
  • Family - Betty Albert 

Product features:

  • Assorted stunning art pieces turned into ~3.5" x 2.5" fridge magnets
  • Each magnet features artist's name, cultural background, and title of artwork
  • A royalty is paid to each artist for every purchase
  • Proudly made in Canada