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Bachelorette Party Games


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Celebrate the bride. Here are four flirty, fun, and bonding games that make any bachelorette party more fun.

Perfect for brides, maids of honor, and friends of the bride who are hosting or attending a bachelorette party, this grab-and-go format with tear-out sheets includes four hilarious games:

• Fill-in-the-Blank Proposal stories
• Where Will They Be MASH
• How Well Do You Know the Couple?
• Truth-or-Truth Bingo

With 15 tear-out sheets for each game, this is an amusing and affordable way to get to know everyone at the bachelorette, celebrate the bride, and keep the group entertained throughout the night.

ONE-OF-A-KIND FORMAT: This take-it-anywhere notepad stands out from other bachelorette games on the market. The content is sassy, fun, and a little risque, but not stereotypical or overly raunchy; the creative games will make you laugh out loud; and the fill-in-the-blank format is distinct and easy to use.

GOOD VALUE: With four different games in one affordable format, this package delivers high value for the price point.

INCLUSIVE: The gender-neutral language (partner 1/partner 2" rather than "bride/groom") ensures it's applicable to brides of all sexualities.