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Gross Factopia


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Follow the Trail of 400 Foul Facts

In this disgustingly marvelous world, you will discover facts about smelly sports, weird world records, rank rodents, vile Victorians, horrible medicine, gory gastronomy, and more—all of which are connected in unexpected and hilarious ways!

Did you know that sloths poop only once a week? Or that poop from crocodiles was sometimes used as makeup in ancient Rome? Or that ancient Romans sometimes purchased vials of gladiator sweat? Or that apes and monkeys sweat from their armpits just like humans do? Welcome to Gross FACTopia!, a wonderland of fantastically foul facts, all of which are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica! Every fact in this book is linked to the next in an ingenious trail of information, where you will slither from topic to topic in surprising and stomach-churning ways. Sometimes your path branches, and you can catapult forwards or creep backwards to a totally different (but still connected) part of the book. Follow your curiosity (and your nose) through this ridiculously revolting world of facts!