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The Birders' Logbook: A Seek and Sticker Book for Budding Ornithologists


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Introduce kids to the world of birds with this fun and educational Seek-and-Sticker Book!
  • Featuring fascinating facts and colorful stickers of 100 birds!
  • Sticker book includes information on 100 widespread North American birds kids can find in the wild.
  • Each time a young birder sees one of the species, whether in a park, on a walk, on vacation, or in their backyard, they can place its sticker beside its profile in the book.
  • Full-color sticker book interior offers facts about each bird, general location info, and habitat hints, plus tips for new birders.
  • Birding fosters curiosity and connection with nature.
  • Seek-and-Sticker concept sharpens observational skills and rewards exploration.
  • Start kids on their birding journey, and celebrate new discoveries with fun stickers!
  • 100 color photo stickers included!
  • 48 full-color pages.
  • Archival/acid-free paper.
  • Sticker book measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.
  • Sturdy softcover binding.