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The Time Travellers Herbal


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The herbalist has had many names throughout the ages - Cunning Woman, Wise Woman, even Witch - all hiding the truth of what they are... early pioneers of science, and fountains of traditional, nature-based knowledge.

All around us are plants and herbs that can be used to improve our wellbeing and encourage a more nature-focused approach to health. Steeped in history, the herbalist's art paved the way for modern science - but didn't necessarily need to have been replaced by it. In
The Time Traveller's Herbal, the traditional remedies and recipes that were passed down through the ages are offered to the modern reader as a means to reconnect with the natural world, while reaping the benefits. Steeped in the stories through which these remedies have been passed down to us, our connection to the past is fully explored in a romantic and meandering journey through the plants and flowers that have healed and helped us through the ages. Travelling back through the mists of time, the ancient mysteries of the plants and flowers that have saved lives in a world without modern medicine are uncovered. Told over the centuries, starting in ancient Rome, the reader journeys through time sampling the botanical marvels that did everything from soothing the pain of fever to revealing the world of the faeries, and learns the stories that surround us in the natural world. A guide to the myths of a lost art, The Time Traveller's Herbal is the book every budding apothecary should reach for.

Including instructions for over 25 recipes and makes using commonly found, foraged or easily procured ingredients, author Amanda Edmiston weaves a story through the recipes about the craft of the herbalist, tapping into the traditional knowledge passed down through generations and reworking it for the modern reader.