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World's Craziest Drinking Games


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This is the ultimate guide to the world of drinking with hilarious games from around the globe. Once you've had a taste you'll never be satisfied with 'normal' drinking again!

Ever since its discovery hundreds of years ago, alcohol has valiantly taken on the role of ‘ice breaker’, bringing people together through silliness and shared hangovers.

This collection of the truly bizarre and outrageous games for drinkers around the globe to play will add sparkle to any night out (or in).

While it’s true that the feel-good factor of alcohol is a global phenomenon, countries around the world have a wide variety of weird and wonderful games to tackle while you tipple.

Your new favorite drinking game is waiting for you within the pages of this book with examples from America, Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, England, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and more.

Each game has a difficulty rating and is fully explained with instructions on play.

​Remember always to drink responsibly, even if you are playing games and try not to let this book give a night not to remember!