Meet the Maker - Deanna Cardinal

Posted on March 06 2020

Non profitable scrunchies
NonProfiTees is a not for profit created to support our local charity sector and reduce our waste contribution!♻️
We create upcycled accessories in Halifax, NS and donate a portion of everything we sell to our retail customers’ charity of choice. For example: $1 from every Upcycled Scrunchie sold at My Home Mercantile in Truro goes to Shelter NS! We use fabric scraps and preloved materials to make our hair accessories in an effort to reuse the resources we already have to help reduce textile waste.
Meet the Maker - Deanna Cardinal
What inspired you to start your business? 
I was inspired to start NonProfiTees by my fiancé Steve Skinner (CEO of Unity Values). His company is helping businesses across the globe support the charities of their customers’ choice on a large scale. He is revolutionizing big company charitable giving and creating life long customer relationships based on shared values. Our world is changing every day with every purchase we make. The power to save our planet and our people (in every aspect) is in the hands of every single one of us.
 Upcycled Scrunchie's
What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur?

One of the biggest challenges I have had to over come as an entrepreneur has been around fear and lack of confidence. Each obstacle I faced involved these feelings. 

When I recognized that my barrier to entry was quite literally built in my head by my own doing, I was able to tear it down and push myself out there. You are always going to get No’s (a bunch of No’s) when you are trying to sell.  But, if you have created something with love and persist inspite of the no’s and self doubt, you will succeed. 


NonProfiTees is a not for profit created to support our local charity sector and reduce our waste contribution!
What advice would you give to others looking to become makers and creators?
My advice to anyone who would like to become a maker is to just start making. Worry about the sales later. Start creating something you love and put it out there for others to see by posting on social media or even just showing your friends and family. That will get the ball rolling. When you are ready to start trying to make sales, remember: every maker was once in your shoes and every one who is selling something has had their fair share of rejection. Rejection does not define you or your product, it just means try again! :)
 NonProfiTees Upcycled Scrunchie's

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