Meet the Maker - Miriah Kearney from My Home Apparel

My Home Apparel is our Sister Company, and so today, we are sitting down with Miriah, Founder & CEO of My Home Apparel. 

My Home Apparel launched in 2015, and since then has grown from a home-based business to being sold all over Canada. Miriah, alongside her team, ship apparel all over the world, wholesale to 120 stores, and fill the shelves of the My Home Mercantile shops.

This week, we sat down and had a chat with Miriah.


What inspired you to start your business? 

I created in August 2015 after my brother passed away. I owned another business at the time, that I enjoyed but was feeling very lost. I felt very passionate about businesses that were making an impact and began to feel it was my destiny to help others. Through losing my brother, I developed a greater sense of compassion for the homeless, and realized that everyone has a story. I created the HOME shirts as a way to celebrate our own stories, as well as help those in the greatest need. I started with a single grey Nova Scotia HOME shirt, since that is where I am from. Now we do HOME shirts for every province and territory. 
We donate 5% of all our profits to help end homelessness in Canada and to date, we have donated over $27,000.00
Miriah Kearney My Home Apparel
What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur?
Owning a small start-up is A LOT of work. My biggest challenge is actually time management. I still work in all aspects of the business and doing one job well can be a big challenge at times. 
Some of the other challenges include being unique and relevant in a competitive market. Apparel is a cut throat business, and I have had to work very hard to set My Home Apparel part, and that can be a serious challenge. 
The other biggest challenge is knowing what to buy and how much of it. Inventory control is a big challenge in any product based business and although we have a much bigger grip on it, it is a constant challenge and learning curve.
What advice would you give to others looking to become makers and creators?
Marketing is NOT sales! Speak to your customers, don't sell to them. The very best way it to get out there as much as possible and share your story. We travel across the country doing events, and there is nothing really too big or too small. We get in front of people, share our brand and hope in turn, they will become customers. Being a maker or small business owner can be really tough, when you are so excited to launch and then sales don't come as expected. Get out there, be visible, and engage with people.
One of a Kind Show, Toronto
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