Hopeful Homestead Jams (assorted)


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Proudly made in Cape Breton! These delicious jams are sure to add a taste of home to any dish. 


Apple Pie Jam - 250ml

A spreadable classic! Local Nova Scotia apples mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. A beautiful way to have dessert with your toast in the morning or as an ice cream topping any time of day.

Blueberry Lime Jam - 250ml 

Don’t let the lime throw you off...blueberry is still the star of this show. Used with only Cape Breton hand picked wild blueberries, this is a vibrant, flavourful jam that packs a strong blueberry punch. Toast, ice cream, cheesecake, this jam can accompany them all.

Carrot Cake Jam - 250ml

This is the go to jam as soon as the colours change on the trees! Inspired by the beautiful fall colours, we created a jam that goes perfect with a fire and a cup of tea. Carrots, apple, pineapple and touch of spice from the cinnamon and nutmeg create a comforting spread for your bagel and cream cheese.


Kicked Pineapple Jam - 250ml

A Hopeful Homestead house favourite. A sweet pineapple jam with a touch of heat from jalapenos and chilis. This will become a staple in your fridge. Wonderful in a stirfry, as a chicken or pork glaze or as a summery addition to your cheese and cracker platter.

At Your Service Berry Jam - 250ml

Yes, we have Service Berries...lots of them! This jam is made with our their berries from their own property. A unique jam that tastes like a cross between blueberry and pear. One of our favourites

Gift Set Trio

A boxed gift set of 3 flavours from Hopeful Homestead - Red Pepper Jelly, Cowboy Candy (candied jalapeños), and Kicked Pineapple