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Story Time - Finding My Way HOME

Posted on May 31 2023

Story Time - Finding My Way HOME

HOME: that place you can't wait to get away from, but then would do anything to get back to. 
When I was 18 and graduated from my local high school, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I was free! I was getting out of this small town. I was going to travel the world, move away and become my own person in an unfamiliar place. And, I did those things... I backpacked around the world, went to university in Montreal and then moved to Calgary to start my career. 

Highschool graduation

Picture of my Mom and I at my high school graduation. 20 years ago.

Everest base Camp
Kala Pattar: 5545 Meters (Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal)
During my travels around the world.

Although these were unforgettable chapters and experiences I would never change, there was a constant need to visit HOME as much as a could. That need to visit grew deeper, and became a longing to be home.
Me, "Miss never coming back", wanted to be home more than anything. I was lucky that my Australian husband considered the idea and listened to all the reasons why my East Coast, was better than the hot sunny East Coast of Australia. 
On October 17, 2010 our first son was born. This gave us all the more reason to seriously consider the move, to be closer to family and friends. Then, shortly after that, we learned that my dad had ALS. After trying to grasp what that meant, I knew it was the final sign pointing us in the direction of the East Coast.

My Dad with my youngest son, on the land I grew up on, picking and eating apples together.

My Mom, Dad, and second son just 6 months before my Dad passed away.

We packed up our belongings after living away for 12 years and headed HOME. We bought our first home, got reacquainted with old friends, started a new job, had our second son, and most importantly, I got to spend a year and a half with my Dad. This was time I still cherish everyday, and so thankful I got to have.

My Dad and I, spending time at the salty sea of Nova Scotia.

After 7 years, we are settled into our life back East. Our children love their life here, and the roots they are building deep in the Nova Scotian soil. Did I ever imagine this would be my life at 18? I would have bet my life, no. But, here we are, full of gratitude, living in the same small town I grew up in. There are some things I would change in my life, but moving home is not one of them. The salty sea is deep in my soul, and there is no greater place I would rather call HOME.

I would love to hear where you call HOME. I think this word means different things to different people, and I would love to hear how you found your way "home".


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Originally published 2018.

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