Candles by Moon and Mana Candle Co.


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Moon and Mana Candle Co. is based in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Their products represent different aspects of spiritual wellness from the name of the candle and the simple clean ingredients to the moon charged crystals and dried florals and herbs. Their intention is for each candle to bring healing energy to you and your sacred space each time you light the flame.

Candle Notes:


(n) Origin: Danish: The cozy and warm feeling you get while enjoying the simple moments in life with good friends.

  • Scent Profile: Rich, Sweet + Creamy 
  • Top note: Whipped Cream
  • Middle note: Creamy Caramel
  • Base notes: Coffee Essential Oil from Brazil, Cacao, Brown Sugar, Vanilla
  • Crystal: Garnet crystal for warmth, grounding and stable energy, Root Chakra.


  • Top notes: Tobacco Leaf, Cacao
  • Middle note: Roasted Chestnut
  • Base notes: Smokey Vanilla, Birch Bark
  • Crystal: Sodalite
  • Chakra: Throat 
  • Intention: Increase communication, authenticity and self expression within my being and all around me. 


  • Scent Profile: Smokey + Woodsy
  • Top notes: Camp Fire Smoke, Cardamom, Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • Middle notes: Incense, Sandalwood
  • Base notes: Oud, Patchouli Essential Oil, Vanilla Amber
  • Crystal: Carnelian for motivation and inspired action, Sacral Chakra. 


  • Top notes: Spiced Apple, Peach
  • Middle notes: Cinnamon Sticks, Clove Leaves
  • Base notes: Vanilla Bean, Berries
  • Crystal: Tiger's Eye
  • Intention: To feel prosperous and fulfilled