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Resources Pages

WELCOME | BIENVENUE | PJILA'SI to our resource pages from My HOME Apparel


Three things are central to our values and initiatives here at My HOME Apparel: helping end homelessness in Canada, being active allies to our community & neighbours, and sustaining and protecting the land we all call HOME.



We have curated this selection of resources to help on our educational journey so that we can all work for a more inclusive, compassionate and safe future for all. We invite you to browse these sections and do some home learning of your own.      

*Disclaimer: My HOME Apparel is not an authority on these important matters. We encourage you to use our resource page as a jumping off point, and to continue your own learning and critical thinking on these important matters. This is not a complete list of resources. Any resource on these pages is not associated or affiliated with My HOME Apparel.


Homelessness & Solutions - Resource Page

This section includes resources, people and organizations related to homelessness awareness. Click to discover resources relating to the causes and impact of homelessness for individuals in Canada, organizations that offer support and aide to those in need, and more. 

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Indigenous People & Culture - Resources Page

This section explores the past and present history of Indigenous people of Turtle Island. Click to find resources about Indigenous Art & Culture and resources about the extreme and enduring damage caused by colonization and residential schools.

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Sustainability & the environment - resource page

We only have one place that we all call HOME: Earth. This section contains selected resources about our environment and how we can all be more eco-friendly. Click below to find resources, people, and organizations you can get involved with to be more sustainable.

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