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365 Days of Mindful Meditations


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This book is a practical guide to mindfulness, featuring 365 tips and quotes to help the reader incorporate mindfulness into everyday life, and to foster a calmer, happier outlook.

Find room for mindfulness every day with this calming little book. With a raft of inspiring quotations and simple ideas to help you savor each moment and find joy in little things, it will help you to live well all year round.

Sample meditation ideas include:

  • Take five minutes out to sit comfortably and place a hand on your heart. Feel your breath going into your chest, and slowly seeping out. Keep your hand in place. By doing this, you are connecting your mind and heart, and redirecting your focus to your lifeline. 
  • Look in the mirror and see yourself in your entirety. Look yourself in the eye and remind yourself, ‘I am worthy. I am deserving. I am enough.’ Do this once a day.