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Made in Canada Matters

Posted on March 17 2023

miriah kearney at stanfields truro nova scotia canadian made clothing My HOME Apparel

My Home Apparel was born to celebrate the place we call HOME, and a large part of that is having our clothing actually made right here at home. Made in Canada has been a building block of our brand and despite rising costs, our value that made in Canada matters has remained a priority in what we do and how we do it.

The majority of our Canadian made apparel is made right here in our HOMEtown! We are proud to work with Stanfield's, one of the oldest garment factories in Canada, which is only 500 meters from our flagship location. The convenience of this location means we get to visit the factory regularly, while also supporting our own local economy.
The close proximity of Stanfield's to our head quarters has a tremendous positive environmental impact on our production. The average distance a clothing garment travels before reaching you is 32,000 kms! This significant distance is full of carbon emissions and environmentally damaging consequences - think of the flights, cargo ships, packaging and logistics that all go into that distance. Made in Canada truly does matter when thinking about our HOMEland and the ecosystems we need to protect. Clothing that has travelled a much shorter distance means it has created less waste and emissions in the process.



Stanfield's is a vertically integrated company, which means they start the clothing literally from thread and end as apparel. The clothing is woven, dyed, cut and sewn right in their factory from beginning to end, and then we have our designs handprinted there as well.
When our clothing has the word HOME on it,
we truly mean it's made right here at HOME. 
The clothing that Stanfield's and our other Canadian suppliers make are top quality that will last a life time. These pieces are not only made from beginning to end in Canada, but they are quality controlled and thoughtfully curated. These pieces are ones you will reach for time and time again, not only because of the quality and comfort, but because of the story they tell as made in Canada pieces.

CBC HOME hoodie


Made in Canada creates jobs in our own communities, supporting local economies and beyond. My Home Apparel is proud to work with factories that employ a total of over 1000 people here in Canada, with many positive outreaching effects. The cost for made in Canada products are often more, but there truly is no price that you can put on quality, protecting our environment, and supporting our local communities and economy.

Made in Canada

Made in Canada costs more, but it matters.
My HOME Apparel 

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