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Clean Your Paws Swedish Dishcloth


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Save the environment in style with these Swedish Dishcloths by Danica! These reusable dishcloths feature fun and cute designs but also pack a serious eco-friendly punch. Get your clean on with guilt-free goodness, making washing up more delightful than ever before! 


Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, these compostable cloths are an established must-have in Scandinavia. They offer a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and become soft and pliable when wet for easy clean-up.

  • Machine Washable (also easy to clean in the dishwasher or by boiling on the stovetop)
  • Made of Cotton + Cellulose
  • When they start to break down after months of use, you can compost the remains!