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Smash the Patriarchy: A Graphic Novel


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This is a well-told and highly informative read. Highly recommended for young adult graphic novel and nonfiction collections.'- School Library Journal (STARRED review)
The patriarchy is falling. It's time to smash it. This graphic novel shows you how.
Patriarchy means 'the rule of the father' and describes a system where men are in control. At least since the time of Aristotle, loud-mouthed men have called women weak and inferior. In entertaining comic book form, Smash the Patriarchy shames the culprits and salutes more than 100 inspiring women-from Pharaoh Hatshepsut to Mary Wollstonecraft to Petra Herrera-who stood up to them.
The book is not afraid to examine some of the worst crimes-public shaming, medical examinations, and the widespread murder and jailing of feminists around the world-as it calls on readers to finally smash the patriarchy forever.

These men get embarrassed:Aristotle,Jean-Jacques Rousseau,Immanuel Kant,Friedrich Nietzsche,Woody Allen and many more. . .

These women are celebrated:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,Emily Dickinson,Queen Christina of Sweden,Arundhati Roy,Amanda Gorman, and many more. . .
"The work's upbeat tone keeps explanations of some devastating historical events from bogging down this vibrantly presented primer. " - Publishers Weekly

'It has a giant vagina on a page and a naked Eve on another, and I am here for them! WOOHOO!!' - Fuse 8 Production , School Library Journal
'The narrative style brings home the scale of the injustices done to women while still remaining optimistic and celebrating the fortitude of those who try to change society for the better. The book explains concepts like 'the male gaze' with clear, illustrative examples, as of the ubiquity of strip club scenes in films. It challenges the use of the word 'genius' as it has been applied to men throughout history. And it does all this while maintaining a sense of humor: at the end, the three 'worst sexists' in history are named-with a long list of (dis)honorable mentions.' - Foreword Reviews